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Here is a book review that I have just posted on my “…And Writers Read” page.

Eggerichs, Emerson. Love & Respect (Marriage & Family) Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 2004.

How can two loving, well-intentioned spouses fall into cycle after cycle of unmet needs, resentment and escalating anger? Dr. Eggerichs explains that men and women need different things from each other. And so, oddly, treating your spouse the way you need to be treated can actually be like “stepping on [his/her] air hose.”

In this book, couples will find everything they need to help replace those negative cycles with a much-more-rewarding cycle of mutual support — each giving the other what he/she needs most — and growing happiness. Written in a warm and accessible style, the book offers sound, practical counsel and shows that the Author of the Bible really does have every person’s best interests at heart. I could not recommend it more highly! (And by that I mean it’s really, really good.) Bonus: I have also used insights from Love and Respect to better relate to our sons.

Sound intriguing? Want more information? Check out the Love & Respect website!

Today I am linking up with my Soli Deo Gloria sisters.

Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to From My Bookshelf

  1. asoulsoiree says:

    Thanks for visiting my art gallery… nice to meet you at Soli Deo Gloria 🙂


  2. Jen says:

    This sounds similar in some respects to the 5 Love Languages book. Oftentimes, we love our spouse the way we desire to be loved instead of really paying attention to his/her needs of how they receive love.


    • Jan says:

      I kept thinking of the 5 Love Languages, too. But I think this approach is easier to implement because it is so basic and gives great rewards right away. Then the 5 Languages would be good for “fine-tuning” the relationship. Thanks for commenting (I know you didn’t really have time)!


  3. I read this book awhile back based on the recommendation of a friend. I started saying to my husband: I love you, I respect you. I felt like I was being cheesy –but he really soaked it in. And so he began to say I love you, I respect you back. But I told him: I just need I love you, I love you!

    I liked the book, too. It seemed to reiterate what I have learned from other places. The main take away I had was to say: I respect you. It is so good to be refreshed and reminded about how to invest in my marriage.


    • Jan says:

      Yes, “I respect you” is such a simple thing to say, but it’s amazing what a big difference it makes to our Mister Wonderfuls. Misters Wonderful. Whatever…
      Thanks for sharing your story!


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