“Thin Places” (Book Review)

I finished this book a few days ago and have placed it on my virtual shelf. Painful as it was to read Mary’s story, every chapter still rang with hope. I encourage everyone to read this book, easily available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or WalMart. (To my Soli Deo Gloria sisters who have linked up: I think we can all relate to Mary in at least some area of life.)

DeMuth, Mary E. Thin Places: A Memoir. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 2010. Everyone knows that kids can be mean. All parents, teachers and caregivers make mistakes, too. So no one can claim to have enjoyed a perfect childhood, but Mary DeMuth suffered an extraordinary amount of trauma throughout her early years. In this memoir, because of the “Thin Places” perspective she has gained, she traces her life back through the most tragic episodes without bitterness. She explains on page 11:

The Celts define a thin place as a place where heaven and the physical world collide, … where eternity and the mundane meet. Thin describes the membrane between the two worlds, like a piece of vellum, where we see a holy glimpse of the eternal — not in digital clarity, but clear enough to discern what lies beyond.

Looking back, DeMuth sees each incident in her life as a “thin place” where she realized her need for God; where she caught a sense of the Son of God beckoning her to trust him. With great courage she describes her own scars and weaknesses and relates how Christ’s healing power and love have been working all along to make her whole.

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7 Responses to “Thin Places” (Book Review)

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you for all your prayers, Jan, and for making She Speaks happen for me. I treasure our friendship dearly and greatly.

    I will have to check out Mary’s book. She was at She Speaks, too!


    • Jan says:

      Hello, Jen, Welcome back to TX! I love & treasure you as well. I’m already excited about what you have shared from She Speaks, and am looking forward to more insights! Bless you, Dear.


  2. I had seen her title before, but never read this description of “thin place.” I wonder how often we are in that spot, but don’t recognize it?



  3. Pamela says:

    This is my first time to see this book. I was delighted to find it was 2.99 for the Kindle. It’s just waiting for me to pick it up and read.


  4. amandadod says:

    I’ve read that book and it was one that I couldn’t stop thinking about even long after the last chapter. What a reminder to cling to Him and He can make all things new. 🙂


  5. Jan says:

    Hello, Ladies,
    Thank you for commenting! I’m glad to see you are interested in Mary’s book as well.
    Glenda, I suspect I have been in many, many “thin places” that I never noticed.
    Amanda, God has used those reminders several times already just since I finished reading.


  6. I had a chance to read Mary’s book awhile back. What an incredible story of how she was able to find beauty among the ugliness of life!


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