Glory and Guacamole

Note: This post is pretty much addressed to my Soli Deo Gloria friends, with whom I am linking up today–but of course, everyone is welcome to read it.

As some of you will recall, Jen posted not long ago that our Soli Deo Gloria group has been running for more than a year. I always enjoy linking up and seeing what my friends are up to. Invariably someone will post some encouragement and/or insight that seems to be just what I needed. And it’s fun to visit around and read what everyone’s kids are up to, or pick up a new recipe or decorating idea. Even sharing a burden of concern or grief is a blessing, as we pray for each other and lighten each other’s loads. And of course, Jen herself always seems to find enlightening connections between the everyday and the heavenly!

On a seemingly unrelated note, I have been a bit of a “road warrior” for some time now. Between trips to see dear ones at college or their current military post, and hitting the freeways to visit parents, I think nothing of putting in a 200-300-mile round trip in a day. My top one-day distance was 485 miles, which would have been perfectly tolerable in my own car. But I digress.

Some comment exchanges on my “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” series got me to thinking about Jen and the fact that she lives not only here in Texas, but well within my travel range. (If she lived in El Paso, Texas, it would be a different story. I mean, Dallas is closer to Birmingham, Alabama, three states away, than to El Paso.)

Opportunity soon arose. My daughter-in-law’s birthday was coming up. She is on her own while my son is stationed overseas, and she lives just an hour-ish away from Jen. How could I turn down a two-fer like that? A dozen emails later, our plans were set. I would drive to Jen’s, take her to lunch, and then proceed to Heather’s to share her birthday with her and some friends. “GypsE ROSE,” my nav system, got me to Jen’s house in good time — and with no arguments for a change.

Have you ever met an online friend in person for the first time, and just had to greet them with a big hug? You know a strong bond has developed there. Jen and I both love the Lord Jesus and love writing. That bond, our mutual trust and love for Christ, simply made any differences — age, denominational background, temperament — irrelevant. (Jen’s house is neat and tidy, but I won’t hold that against her either.)

Another bond became apparent as we sat in a delightful Tex-Mex cafe. Selecting our food, we both maneuvered so as to have guacamole with our meals. Oh yeah — soul sisters!

Then as we talked at length about Christs’ leading in our lives, we also found a dream in common. We had both been considering the same rather audacious undertaking, which I believe Jen herself would like to share with you. So be sure to visit her this week — it’s really exciting to see God lead!

I can eat my weight in this stuff...

Photo from

I am thrilled about how God has used the Internet to bring me so many opportunities to build my faith and grow relationships with other people. Getting to meet Jen in person is definitely the icing on the cake. Or, the guacamole on the enchilada plate.

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6 Responses to Glory and Guacamole

  1. What a great trip! Meeting a friend and enjoying it over guacamole! I read the exciting news at Jen’s!! Exciting stuff.


    • Jan says:

      Hi, Kathleen! Yes it WAS great, and I’m totally in a dither over the retreat. Really, I thought it would be harder to convince Jen… Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for your comments on my post and for being so welcoming. I think I am going to really like this. Glad you and Jen got to meet–I love when connections like that are made, its one of the fun parts of being united in Christ!


  3. Jen says:

    So glad I scrolled down to find this one. I loved spending every minute with you over the guacamole! Thanks for being such an encouragement and friend!


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