“Rooms” (Book Review)

Okay, this was one of the best vacation reads ever. I started it on the way to Colorado and then read it all the way home on the plane. Not quite finished when we got to the gate, I pulled it out and devoured the last twelve pages standing in the baggage claim area.

Rubart, James L. Rooms. B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, 2010.

I’m sure you have heard of people whose home “is a reflection of themselves.” Yes, but suppose each time you examined or shifted your priorities, a corresponding new room appeared in your home? What would you find in there? Stranger still, what if your very reality changed to retroactively reflect your new choices?

James Rubart spins a captivating tale about software executive Micah Taylor, who inherited just such a house. Full of suspense, sometimes subtle and sometimes desperate, the story kept me guessing at every turn. Oddly, the more wacky and out-of-control Micah’s life became, the more I saw myself in him.

There is a great deal of truth in this wonderfully-told piece of fiction which is, at its essence, a story of freedom. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered whether your choices really matter.

Or even whether you really matter.

Thanks for reading,

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9 Responses to “Rooms” (Book Review)

  1. 2wheelerme says:

    Hi Jan, This sounds like an interesting book, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. kendal says:

    need to add this one to my list….


  3. Thanks for the recommendation!! It sounds like something I would like!


  4. Sounds intriguing. I’ve been looking for a good read. I’ll have to give it a try.


  5. thenewbec says:

    I’m not a huge reader for leisure, but that is a fun concept! (and not terribly far off base, probably unfortunately). I’ll put the positive spin with all of the kitchen construction dust lingering everywhere and say that my house reflects that I’m “a work in progress” lol.


  6. joyceandnorm says:

    Oooo, food for thought!! Thanks for sharing!


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