Flaming Flashback: Another Hot Summer

The Soli Deo Gloria sisters are reconnecting after a busy couple of months. We’ve been having an informal “Summer Snapshot” come-and-go, end-of-summer blog party. As my contribution, here are some of the highlights of my summer…

May 28: Capital of Texas Triathlon, Sprint-distance Relay. (This was on Memorial Day, traditionally the start of summer, so I have to list it even though I promised I wouldn’t write another word about it.) It was hot.

June 16: Rode the 40-mile route in the “Tour d’Italia,” out of Italy, Texas. Best part of the morning? Taking a shower after the ride. It was really hot.

June 22-23: Attended the North Texas Christian Writers Conference, titled “Transform Your Writing Skills.” I took piles of notes at the breakout sessions and got some positive feedback at two consultation/critique sessions. Toughest part? Choosing which breakout classes to attend. They all sounded great.

July 14: We went to see one of our son’s Corps of Cadets buddies get married. Beautiful wedding and reception!

July 28: Rode the Tour de Goatneck in Cleburne, Texas. Brent & Greg did the 41-mile route. I was a slacker and only rode the 27. So sue me. It was hot.

July 29-August 4: Vacation!! Brent and I went to Colorado Springs, Greeley, Estes Park and Denver. We loved every minute of it, from Pike’s Peak, to visiting friends and my brother, to hanging out at the little coffee shop in Estes where my niece used to work. Highlight? When we rode rented bicycles around the Air Force Academy campus. No, wait… it was eating lunch at the Visitors’ Center Subway after the ride. I mean, the altitude was killer. And it was hot, even at 7200 feet.

August 14: Brent crashed on his bike, cracking his cheekbone in two places and spraining his right wrist, besides the obligatory road rash. In a bid for Worst Wife Ever Award, I was in a writers’ group meeting and had my phone ringer off. Didn’t look at it, either, so I didn’t get Brent’s calls and messages until I got home. Fortunately, he was with a group and got a ride to his car. We spent most of the next morning in the ER. I have done nearly ALL the mowing since then, which kind of makes up for not getting Brent’s calls. No matter how early or late in the day I start mowing, it’s hot.

September 3: Labor Day. Rode 17.6 miles, in training for the Paluxy Pedal just under four weeks away. I’m sure it will be hot that day; it was this morning.

Those are probably the biggest things. In between, we spent a day here and there with extended family, picked and froze endless mounds of peaches, and I worked on my first novel, which it seems I’ve been writing forever but which I actually started around November. Oh, and I’ve agreed to serve as an “older mom” for a sort of “Moms and mentors” class at church this fall.

Noticeably absent from our part of Texas were any grass fires, thanks to more abundant rain than last year’s “none.” There is some actual green grass along the roadsides, even this late in the summer.

But it’s still hot.

How was your summer?

Thanks for reading,

About Jan C. Johnson

Welcome! If you like food, reading, laughing over life's little disasters, and maybe thinking about the bigger things of life, you have come to the right place. Besides blogging, I write humorous fiction, though real life tends to leave fictional humor in the shade. But I'm not a total goofball. No, really. I'm also working on a biography project. I live in North Texas with my husband, Brent. We enjoy bicycling, Mexican food, and traveling to visit our kids and grandkids.
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10 Responses to Flaming Flashback: Another Hot Summer

  1. I took a picture of the forecast and posted it on FB because I AM SO READY for fall. I love that you do tris — ever thought of doing a half-marathon? You could join me in November in San Antone!


  2. Jody Lee Collins says:

    Jan–my husband’s cousin and her hubby are visiting from Wimberley TX as we speak…….and they are loving our glorious weather here in the Seattle area. We are (drum roll) just about to break a record for Most Consecutive Days without Rain. It’s been gorgeous.

    We visited THEM last April before the really awful weather became more awful so I heard all about it. She said this year has been so much nicer. (that’s a relative term, I’m sure). but there is more green.

    Hope to get myself out Texas way again next year.

    And praying your husband is healing well. ouch!


    • Jan says:

      Jody: Brent and I are placing bets and we HAVE to know… how many Consecutive Days Without Rain is your record? Thirteen? Seven? Four?? Brent is doing great, but I am STILL doing most of the mowing. I will definitely let you know whenever we can plan a trip to Seattle, and would love to meet up with you the next time you come to Texas.


  3. Dionne says:

    Hi sweet lady! You can add to your summer list: Inspired and encouraged a mom in Grand Junction, Colorado (me) 😉
    Hey, join me tomorrow for another linky party! I just couldn’t do it last week with MOPS…to crazy! I decided to post it on Wednesdays since SDG is on Tues. Wed. is not as popular. The link opens up tonight around 6pm Texas time. Hope you can join me!
    BTW…the book, Rooms is intriguing…I am enjoying it. Thanx for loaning it to me. Praying for your novel and did your DIL get that teaching job?


    • Jan says:

      Thank you, Dionne! You are also a sweet encouragement to me! I’ll look for your linkup. Yes, Heather is teaching at the community college right near her. The position opened up very last-minute, but I’m sure she is handling it beautifully.


  4. kendal says:

    so….your summer was….hot? loved imagining you on all those rides. did you know that biking scares me? and i am BUMMED to tell you that i don’t get to come to texas in october….


    • Jan says:

      Very perceptive, Kendal! Yes, it WAS rather hot. Cycling is scary in a lot of places, but we are blessed with really nice country roads (give or take a few potholes). And I am also bummed about your not making it to the retreat. Just trusting that there is some important reason that we can’t see yet. Hugs!


  5. marlece says:

    OH MY GOSH, You are WOMAN!!!What a summer! I love that you are so active in so many things. You don’t limit yourself from riding to writing to being an amazing ma, to a great wife, to mentoring, it’s what you do for me. Love it, you make me want to get on a bike instead of just putting miles on my feet.


    • Jan says:

      Marlece, you are TOO sweet! I mean, I could barely keep up with your summer, four boys and all… you ran circles around me, girl. I love that you feel encouraged, because you should be–you are doing an awesome job with those young men of yours!


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