Time-sensitive: Don’t Lose Joywriting!

Hi, all,

I guess my head has been in the sand…. I just found out from Author Media that Google is shutting down Google Reader as of this Monday, July 1.

If you subscribe to this and/or other blogs via Google Reader, you’ll need to switch to another reader. I picked “Feedly,” told it I wanted to import my Google Reader settings, and was done in, like, 5 seconds.

Below is a list of 10 alternatives to Google Reader, provided by Shaney over at Author Media. Look them up, check them out, pick one and move your subscriptions there. Do it before Monday. Better yet, do it right now, before you forget. I included the link to Feedly, which is the one I chose. Click here for Shaney’s post with all the links.

Google Currents
The Old Reader

Thanks for making the switch and taking me with you!

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2 Responses to Time-sensitive: Don’t Lose Joywriting!

  1. saraleeperel says:

    Jan, I just clicked on the Feedly link and transferred I think. Is that all I need to do to see your posts? I doubt I’ll see your reply here (I never do) so could you please email me so I don’t miss your stories? sperel@saraleeperel.com Love, me


    • Jan says:

      That’s my understanding, Saralee! I will email you after I publish my next post to make sure you got it. THANKS for your support!


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