“Pirate Hunter” (Book Review)

I am linking up with my friends in the Soli Deo Gloria group. Here’s a book that not only they, but the men in their life, would probably enjoy!

Morrisey, Tom. Pirate Hunter. Bethany House, Minneapolis, 2009.

Book cover image from Tom Morrisey's website

Book cover image from Tom Morrisey’s website

I’m not normally a big pirate fan, but I really loved this book. Morrisey switches back and forth between two stories: a lovable 16th-century “privateer” with his crew, a young slave whom they freed, and their mainland friends; and a contemporary treasure hunt featuring a marine archaeologist and his employer and colleagues.

Both the former slave and the present-day marine archaeologist have serious issues with the father figures in their lives. One takes to the seas seeking revenge; the other, merely to escape. How well will their strategies work to solve their problems?

The parallels between the stories, the twists, turns, romance and heart-stopping suspense in both, the movie-quality shifts between the two, and the anticipation that they’ve gotta be somehow connected — it all made this adventure pure fun.

Find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local bookstores. Mr. Morrisey lists more books on his website, so if you’ll excuse me, I want to pick another tale to lose myself in…

Thanks for reading!

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