Wild Things!

When I’m out bicycling, most of the animals I see are either

a) fenced dogs,
b) roadkill,
c) fast-moving birds or squirrels just trying to get out of my way, or
d) un-fenced dogs, which may or may not endanger my life.

a) through c) cause me no concern, although roadkill critters, while harmless, can still be ominous. Once, on a small back road, I passed the carcass of a feral hog. For the next year, every time I passed by that way I mentally looked for escape routes: fences or trees I could climb in case of feral hog attack.

But I’m not paranoid.

No, really.

I mean, you can’t blame me for the adrenaline rush I experienced when I pedaled around a bend and spotted this bad boy poised by the side of the road, looking kind of hungry.

“The better to eat you with, my dear.”

So yeah, I stay alert, but try not to panic.

How embarrassing would it be to crash while trying to escape from a hungry… log??

Thanks for reading!

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