Know Yer Terms!

Y’all, I’m such a doofus…

I’m taking an online novel writing course offered by Jerry B. Jenkins. The video lessons are benefiting me, and so is the online community of fellow students. We can toss a question out there, or a sample paragraph, and get helpful feedback and encouragement from classmates.

So, a discussion arose about some writing tool I’m not familiar with. I didn’t really pay attention, but couldn’t help noticing a comment from an experienced user… something about a “help” icon in the form of a man wearing a “phrenology helmet.”

Hmmm. I knew “phrenology” had something to do with medicine… relating to the kidneys… right?

But… phrenology helmet?

Kidneys got helmets??

Image credit:

I was about to ask that question in the comments, but decided to Google “phrenology helmet” first…

Good thing I did, since this bad boy is what I found:

Yeah, phrenology has to do with the location of the various brain functions. In the 19th century, it was thought that you could tell how strong a particular faculty was based on the shape of the person’s skull over the part of the brain that held that faculty.

I’ve learned my lesson: Don’t jump into a discussion based on your own half-baked recollection.

My advice? Don’t be a doofus. Look it up.

Know yer terms!

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1 Response to Know Yer Terms!

  1. Very cool; I love learning new words/terms.


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