In My Defense….

…. I’m no hockey expert. I leave that to my younger son, Greg.

So you can’t make fun of me for my bewildered response to this item about Dallas Stars player John Klingberg. It appeared in the Dallas Morning News before the season began:

First I re-read the last part. Yes, it says he wants to “become a great defensive defenseman.”

I snapped the photo above and texted it to Greg, along with a message: “I find this the most confusing blurb in the history of blurbs. Is it really that innovative when a defense player strives to play great defense???”

Greg kindly explained that Klingberg’s forte had been getting in on the attack. While that’s good in a way, it also left some defensive gaps.

Ooooh-kay. Apparently offense-defense roles in hockey are less compartmentalized than in football.

Just between us, though, the piece still sounds like it was written by Dr. Seuss in Opposite-Land.

It could just be me. As I said, I’m no expert.

Play ball!
Or, you know, whatever you say to start a hockey game.

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