Boarders Without Borders

Spring is coming!

The other day, I was at the kitchen window when I noticed the mulch in the flower bed twitching. Kinda creepy… oh wait, it was a bunch of robins hopping around looking for breakfast.

There must have been ten or more, but they were moving so quickly that I couldn’t get more than one in a photo at a time.

These guests were certainly welcome to any bugs and grubs in the buffet, though I hoped they wouldn’t eat any earthworms.

Notice those bits of mulch out on the stone border? The robins had kicked the stuff all over, along the entire front of the house. Brent wasn’t too pleased about having to sweep all that back into the flower bed. After all, we have yards and yards and yards of border.

But I was happy. That hardwood mulch, which is supposed to help the soil stay moist, tends to get packed and crusty on top. Eventually it sheds more water than it retains. These birds were actually helping me out. As near as I can figure, that’s worth a little extra work.

Hm, maybe I should have done the sweeping…..

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About Jan C. Johnson

Welcome! If you like food, reading, laughing over life's little disasters, and maybe thinking about the bigger things of life, you have come to the right place. Besides blogging, I write humorous fiction, though real life tends to leave fictional humor in the shade. But I'm not a total goofball. No, really. I'm also working on a biography project. I live in North Texas with my husband, Brent. We enjoy bicycling, Mexican food, and traveling to visit our kids and grandkids.
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