What I Learned from the Grandkids’ Visit

December found our son and his wife, now that they’re back in the US, bringing their young children for a wonderful Christmas visit. We all had a great time talking, reading stories, clambering around at a local playground, enjoying Christmas specials, and watching the children unwrap an unconscionable number of presents (grandparents gotta spoil ’em a little, right?)

I learned a lot over the ten days or so they were with us…

Our sweet daughter-in-law’s love language is “baked goods.” We all benefitted from this.

On a related note, glitter may not ever sweep up, but sprinkles can be tamed with due effort.

From high-chair level, little cheese cubes bounce 30% farther than little apple cubes.

Ripe banana chunks don’t bounce at all.

Q: How do you know whether a two-and-a-half-year-old and his 1-year-old brother are competing for Mom’s attention?
A: Yes.

The box is just as much fun as the toy. (Wait… everyone already knows that)

Lace curtains are perfect for a grandma’s office, where you only need to filter the sunlight. They are less than optimal when you add a Pack & Play and a one-year-old who needs a nap.

Even the most elegant High Tea may require a plastic tablecloth.

No earthly joy compares to seeing your grandchildren’s excitement over their new gifts.

When the world’s fastest preschooler gets on a scooter, high-visibility clothing is a must.

We’re super thankful to have the rowdy little crew–and their patient, fun-loving parents–in the same part of the country with us for a while.

And now that I’ve caught my breath and come out of my sugar coma, I’d like to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a slightly-less-belated Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading!


About Jan C. Johnson

Welcome! If you like food, reading, laughing over life's little disasters, and maybe thinking about the bigger things of life, you have come to the right place. Besides blogging, I write humorous fiction, though real life tends to leave fictional humor in the shade. But I'm not a total goofball. No, really. I'm also working on a biography project. I live in North Texas with my husband, Brent. We enjoy bicycling, Mexican food, and traveling to visit our kids and grandkids.
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5 Responses to What I Learned from the Grandkids’ Visit

  1. undebtedly says:

    Sounds like Grandma’s love language is giving, too.

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  2. Janet Thimell says:


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  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post. I was smiling so much and then I saw the scooter pic and just smiled from ear to ear. What a cute kid! What a nice family you have, my friend.

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