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Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas, by Jody Collins

If you’re like me, the Christmas season can spiral out of control and turn you into a grinch dealing with ten extra pounds, a stack of bills, and a eye twitch. “Comfort and joy?” Bah, humbug! Enter Jody Collins. Who, … Continue reading

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I’m Listening

The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has left oceans of public pain and outrage and debate in its wake. I’ve been asking myself how I should respond. Silence is complicity, I’ve heard. So I shared some relevant posts on Facebook. … Continue reading

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Why Fear is Obsolete

As I promised last Monday, I’m going to pass along my take on some insights that my brother-in-law shared with the family when we were together last, just before the new year. Robert’s mind is far more orderly than mine … Continue reading

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