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“Bipeds who catch gilled aquatic vertebrates”

I don’t mean to rant, but I am sincerely puzzled. In an effort to be “inclusive,” our politically-correct culture seems to make the odd demand that we deny any differences between people because everyone is equal. Yes, we all have … Continue reading

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Doldrums, Begone!

I hate to be vague, but I forget exactly what blog I was reading. And when. It was probably a couple of weeks ago, during a cold, grey spell, and one phrase stuck in my mind: “winter doldrums.” According to … Continue reading

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Termite Insurance

September 19, 2012. I am being a total cheater and linking this oldie up with Dionne’s “Raw Ten-Minute Wednesday.” Because, dang it, the prompt was “Funny Stories” and it’s still one of my favorites. One morning last week I came … Continue reading

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It’s My Bag (or, How Freelancing Sometimes Gives Me Unexpected Bonuses Like an Inside Track on Fashion)

Welcome! It all started last August, when I accepted an Arts feature assignment in Mansfield. I spent an hour or so with Michelyne, a talented designer and seamstress who makes original bags and other accessories. As we talked, I admired … Continue reading

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C’mon Over to Ashley’s

Hello, Soli Deo Gloria friends! I apologize for inviting you to my door only to escort you somewhere else… but… do you ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Stressed out by conflicting demands? Well, today … Continue reading

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“Two-Wheels” Wishes to Thank “Many-Wheels”

Last Friday found me taking advantage of one of those nice, mild January afternoons that come and go at random around here. Which is another way of saying I went out on my bike. As usual, I had started out … Continue reading

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