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The Power of Negativity

Recently I studied Proverbs 18:21* and got to thinking… Everyone knows that a positive attitude can bring positive changes, boost your success, and improve your relationships with colleagues, family, and friends. But do you realize that a negative attitude is … Continue reading

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We Have Lost the Coffee, by Paul Mathews

Y’all, it’s almost getting to be annoying. In this third* book of his Kindle series, Paul Mathews puts his characters in the most hilarious, outrageous, unbelievable peril, and still makes me worry about them. Not to mention that whenever I … Continue reading

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We Have Lost the President, by Paul Mathews

If you don’t enjoy British humor, just click over to some other post now. Still with me? Goooood. We Have Lost the President is one of those books I would’ve bought for the title alone, just because it makes me … Continue reading

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