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“Dear Texas…” – A Guest Post

Why should I whine about the sudden summer heat around here, when my friend Misty Ansted has already said it so well? With her kind permission, I present her open letter (which first appeared on her Facebook timeline over Memorial … Continue reading

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Sewing Machine: Tool, or Enemy?

I haven’t had any trouble with my appliances in quite a while. (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) It’s been so long, in fact, that when Brent asked me to sew circles of Velcro backing onto … Continue reading

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Summer Renewal

Some of my friends over at Soli Deo Gloria are blogging about their summer. Jen wanted to know whether we had enjoyed an especially refreshing vacation; or let go of something that we needed to release; or gained a sense … Continue reading

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Leno’s “Headlines,” or Elegant Metaphor?

I can just hear Jay Leno ragging on this headline in today’s Dallas Morning News: Rains Reduce Risk of Drought Sequel Oh sure, it seems redundant, since the word “drought” refers to a lack of rain. Duh. But the Associated … Continue reading

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