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“Dear Texas…” – A Guest Post

Why should I whine about the sudden summer heat around here, when my friend Misty Ansted has already said it so well? With her kind permission, I present her open letter (which first appeared on her Facebook timeline over Memorial … Continue reading

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Headin’ for the Hills… Again

Saturday dawned warm and partly cloudy. Perfect for a bike ride. That’s a good thing, because the Cedar Hill Rotary Club held its annual “Head for the Hills” bicycle rally on Saturday. Greg, our younger son, came for a visit … Continue reading

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Yep, I’m a Fair-Weather Cyclist

We know a few cyclists who are “randonneurs.” According to Paul Rozelle in his 2012 Bicycle Times feature, “Randonneuring is long-distance, unsupported, noncompetitive cycling within prescribed time limits.” What Rozelle omits from the definition are concepts like regardless of weather … Continue reading

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Don’t Blink! North Texas Fall Colors

One tree. We have one maple tree in the front yard. That’s it, as far as fall color goes. So when it turns in the autumn, I have to photograph it for all I’m worth. Here it is early in … Continue reading

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Accuracy is Everything

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather in North Texas this fall. No one should be surprised at this, because our weather is always “unseasonably” something. When it isn’t unseasonably hot, it’s unseasonably cool. Rainfall? Either unseasonably wet or unseasonably dry. We … Continue reading

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Doldrums, Begone!

I hate to be vague, but I forget exactly what blog I was reading. And when. It was probably a couple of weeks ago, during a cold, grey spell, and one phrase stuck in my mind: “winter doldrums.” According to … Continue reading

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