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Texans On Ice

Tuesday morning, I woke up early and checked the weather on my phone. The temperature read “-0”. In other words, negative zero degrees F. “Negative zero? What does that even mean? Is it, like, colder than regular zero?” What a … Continue reading

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Change of Season

Spring is coming to North Texas. ‘Bout time, many of us would say. We thought we’d never get rid of the snow, ice, cold wind, and sleet. A few weeks ago, between snowfalls, the ice cleared off just enough for … Continue reading

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Dang. Overnight lows in the low 20s last week, again. And after raining all day, turning to sleet turning to snow? Cancel my reservation for that class at the gym. Unfortunately, sitting around on my chilly rear with mug after … Continue reading

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Doldrums, Begone!

I hate to be vague, but I forget exactly what blog I was reading. And when. It was probably a couple of weeks ago, during a cold, grey spell, and one phrase stuck in my mind: “winter doldrums.” According to … Continue reading

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How To Survive Winter In North Texas

Consistent? No. Interesting? Always. It’s Texas Weather! Here is how you might navigate through a typical winter day in the Dallas area… 1. Check Weather.com; note that it’s 35 degrees out there! Add “hot chocolate” to grocery list. 2. In … Continue reading

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